Edward Marcs Philippines Inc. is dedicated to providing energy solution since 1984.

Air conditioning for 22 hours a day, ROI in a year

By Jo Anne E. Padiernos

MANILA, Philippines—Today, there is a growing concern about protecting Mother Earth, and people are looking for ways to conserve resources.

Edward Marcs Philippines Inc. (EMPI), which started its business in 1984, takes pride that they are the first to apply solar energy in various applications.

Initially, we were focusing on trading electro-mechanical equipment and spare parts, and transmission line materials for companies engaged in power generation and distribution,” Felix Richard A. Cordova, EMPI president and chief executive officer, says.

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Renewable Energy: Protecting the Earth

By Nelson Bagaforo


THE heightened awareness about renewable energy resources and the growing passion to be actively involved in protecting Mother Earth came with the growing concern over climate change coupled with the rising cost of electricity.

This is basically the reason behind the setting up of Club Earth, initiated by Edward Marcs Philippines Inc., a Filipino-owned company engaged, among others, in the selling and development of alternative sources of energy, particularly solar.

Mas maraming areas in Mindanao na walang electricity, that’s why we first established Club Earth here. We are planning to set up the club in other parts of the country soon,” Michelle Cordova, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Edward Marcs.

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